What is Impact Investing?

Aligning your investments with purpose

What if your investments could provide financial return and have a positive effect on the world?

It's possible through impact investing — investments made with the intent to generate measurable social and 

environmental impact alongside a financial return. *1

Yes it's... But...


—Is impact investing right for you? (3:38) | Read the transcript (PDF) from Bank of America 

How we define impact investing

We have identified three main approaches to impact investing:

CSR Corporate Focus


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"Impact investing: The performance realities"

New to impact investing? Learn more about growth and performance trends that have emerged in recent years.
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Read the full Performance Realities white paper, written by Anna Snider, Global Head of Equity and Impact Investing Due Diligence. It includes a review of recent changes in the impact investing industry and an in-depth analysis of performance data.
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