The Company

Who are we?


We are aware of our marketing, projects development, financial advisory, trading, investments, real estate, and management mission. Our Objective is to generate added value to our customers by business processes, technologies, innovative tools, finance partners and a team of professionals focused on savings solutions that customers needs and as required.


We operate from our headquarters in La Romana (the Dominican Republic), for the Caribbean region, and Miami USA, where we provide a wide range of consulting services as marketing, management, and finance solutions to small, medium, and large residential, tourist, alternative energy, and humanitarian projects, on behalf of governments, communities, individuals or corporate developers.


Traders International & Real Estate Partners LLC (TIREP) is a Delaware holding group who manage four register business division; Tirep Finances, Tirep Real Estate, Tirep Developments, and Tirep Retreats.

What we do?


Tirep always provides wide experience through our partner's network in the finance and investment fields, vital to the real estate industry, luxury, and hospitality.



Financial services: banking technologies and corporate compliance consulting, legal mandates, insurance bonds, bank notes, wealth management, financial advisory, and trading services (Cryptocurrencies & Commodities).

Funding (brókerage), loan or equity investments, joint ventures and project management services: for humanitarian, alternative energy, luxury properties, hotels & resorts projects.



Sales and Rentals: legal mandates, marketing, and management for commercial lots, land, homes, condos/apartment, resorts, and luxury properties.



Consulting Services (Project Design & Development): marketing, management, and legal representations.



Rental services (Rent & Travels): travel insurances, flights, luxury properties, timeshares, hotels room, and village for direct costumers | Including relocations and others services.

How do we do it?

First, we focus our business towards to develop, manage, and funding projects, and rent, buy and sell hotels, Villas, luxury apartments and or residences of all types. We have an international presence such as handling properties in countries like Mexico, Belize, Costa Rica, Panama, Trinidad & Tobago, Aruba, St. Croix, Virgin Island, Martinique, Florida, Bahamas, and the Dominican Republic. 


We pride themselves on coining values and associated, to benefit our costumers with counseling by a team of professionals engaged ethical and efficient, available to your businesses. We believe and measure that more innovative solutions represent and constitute the real added value that represents having everything at hands (Just-in-Time Vision).


We thank our international business partners who support us with greater presence and mobility when to close the deals, through various partnerships and alliances that allow us to amplify our operations range through 10 countries and worldwide.