Creation of National Companies


  1. Define the type of company you want to create


 The first thing is to define the company you want to establish. The Companies Law keeps current and recognizes the corporate types enshrined in our Commercial Code, but in turn, introduces two new corporate vehicles: Limited Liability Companies (SRL), Simplified Public Limited Companies (SAS). In addition, it regulates Individual Limited Liability Companies (EIRL).


 2. Register the commercial name of the company in the National Office of Intellectual Property (ONAPI)

After defining the type of company you want to create, you must register the name of the organization in the National Intellectual Property Office (ONAPI).

For this, those interested must complete a form, attach a copy of an identity and electoral card, passport (in case of foreigners) or a copy of the National Taxpayer Registry (RNC) card. In addition, you have to make a payment of RD $ 4,755.00.


 For more information on how to register the commercial name, please call 809-567-7474 or access the portal of this institution: or contact TIREP FINANCES and we will respond to your concerns shortly.

3.Registration before the Chamber of Commerce and Production

Companies wishing to operate in the Dominican Republic must be registered in one of the existing chambers of commerce in the country. This will depend on where it is constituted.


In the case of organizations that want to operate in the city of Santo Domingo, they must register by the Chamber of Commerce and Production of Santo Domingo, which has the following requirements:


  • Deposit original legal documents of the company and three copies.
  • Fill the application for registration in the commercial register.
  • Attach photocopies of ID cards, passport and RNC card of the shareholders.
  • Copy of the trade name registration.
  • Copy of the receipt of payment of the tax by company constitution. 

4. Request the National Taxpayer Registry (RNC) before the DGII


 The National Taxpayer Registry (RNC) is managed by the General Directorate of Internal Taxes (DGII). This is the first step to perform your operations. Making the registration is free. You just have to fill out an application form, provide a photocopy of the trade name registration, business register and identity documents.


 For more information, contact the DGII at 809-689-2181. Also accessing or contact TIREP FINANCES and we will respond to your concerns shortly.


 Additional steps for industrial companies

In case the company or company that is installed in the country carries out industrial processes, it will also have to obtain the following records:


  •  Industrial Registry, which is granted by Proindustria.
  • Sanitary registry, which is managed in the Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistance.
  • Environmental Permit, in the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources.

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Creation of International Companies

Form an LLC in Delaware, incorporate, create business in Delaware online

If you are like ordinary people, you probably have questions before you are ready to create a new LLC. At TIREP FINANCES, we want to answer those questions in the most effective and convenient way for you. That's why we offer you help in various ways. During business hours in Delaware, do not hesitate to use the live chat room option to ask questions, or call the toll-free number to speak with a friendly and informed customer service person at our offices, with Experience in the details you need to know. We are always pleased to hear your situation and accompany you in the process. You can also navigate in this website, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout the year. This website is designed to answer the most frequently asked questions that most people have and to provide information about LLCs. In fact, if you are considering the possibility of creating an LLC in Delaware, this is the most complete collection of information available on the web. Whether you are interested in the background of the LLC, in its structure or in special uses for LLCs, you will find all the information at your disposal, right here. The characteristics of the LLCs are also compared with other types of entities, including the Type S Company, the Type C Company and the Limited Company. In addition, you will find updated articles on topics related to LLCs on the blog. Remember that our company formation specialists are just one free call away to answer your questions.


 A Limited Liability Company (LLC) is a relatively new type of entity in the United States. UU It combines the limited liability of a corporation with the tax transfer of a partnership. The owners (or members, as they are called) of an LLC can be persons or any type of entity, from anywhere in the world, and no limitation applies as to the amount.


 When using a Delaware LLC, non-resident foreigners of the US UU they can legally avoid all federal taxes for their business activities that do not occur in the US.


 US customers also use LLCs for tax benefits, but the main reason for using the LLC in the US UU It is your high protection against creditors recognized by judicial decision. In a limited company, formalities must be respected or creditors can destroy the protection of personal responsibility by "transgressing the corporate veil". These formalities, such as the shareholders 'and directors' meetings, the minutes, the elections of executives and directors, can be eliminated in the LLC; In this way, crossing that veil becomes much more difficult.


 In addition, the creditor of the member of an LLC, recognized by judicial decision, can not take over the assets of the LLC or the voting rights of the members, as it does in a corporation.


 The LLC is a hybrid commercial vehicle that combines some of the best characteristics of joint stock companies and partnerships. Like a corporation, an LLC has a separate legal existence independent of that of its owners, and its owners and managers are not personally responsible for the debts and obligations of the company. Like a partnership, an LLC can be treated as a transfer entity for tax purposes. This feature, when combined with income sources that do not come from the US. UU., Means that foreigners not resident in the US. UU they will avoid all US taxes UU when using an LLC.


 The operations and administration of the LLC are governed by a written agreement between its owners that it is not necessary to register or publicly disclose with the Delaware Corporation Division. As a result, an LLC guarantees the ability to create a customized management structure, which establishes the economic relationship between the owners. The agreement can be written in any language and it is not necessary to translate it into English.


 The LLC LLC law allows the parties to define their business relationship by means of a written agreement in the way they wish. This is called "contractual freedom". Delaware law establishes rules only for those issues on which the parties have not agreed. The established policy of the Delaware LLC law is to give the greatest possible effect to the principle of "contractual freedom" and compliance with LLC agreements. The contractual flexibility offered by the Delaware Law can not be compared to any other LLC law.

Visit the TIREP FINANCES Blog for more information about an LLC's agreements.

If you check the appropriate box when requesting an Employer Identification Number (EIN), a Delaware LLC will be treated as a partnership of persons for purposes of federal income tax; therefore, it will not be subject to federal income tax from the US. UU For foreigners who do not reside in the US In the United States, this means that Delaware is an attractive jurisdiction for providing the typical benefits of many "offshore jurisdictions." Combine that with the additional strength of the US fiscal infrastructure. UU., And you'll get an attractive comparative advantage.


 While the Delaware Law allows Delaware LLCs to be managed by their members, it is not necessary for members to be managers. More importantly, it also states that no member or manager is personally liable for any debt, obligation or liability of the Delaware LLC solely for being a member or acting as a manager. This limitation on personal liability is more favorable than the limitation on personal liability enjoyed by the shareholders of a Delaware corporation.


 If properly selected on the SS-4 form, a Delaware LLC will be treated as a partnership of persons for federal income tax purposes; therefore, it will not be subject to federal income tax from the US. UU This means that a Delaware LLC can offer the same tax advantages as a limited company regulated by subchapter S or a limited company, including the ability to establish, through a written agreement, allocations of income or distributions to members in amounts which differ from the economic participation of the members in the LLC, as well as the ability to provide a base to the members for debt without recourse. A Delaware LLC will also provide greater flexibility in distribution areas and can be used as a valuable tool for estate planning and estate transfers.


 The advantages of LLCs


 Establishing and maintaining an LLC has general and specific benefits according to the use that it gives to the company. Some companies are created to operate in the business world, while others simply keep the estate in a safe way for a person, family or group. Many other specific uses are also advantageous. According to your perspective, some benefits may be more important than others.


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Creations of national and international companies.

Creations of national and international companies.